The Kitten/Puppy rule of PasswordsCon is easy. It was introduced by Prof. Dr. Markus Dürmuth in his #PasswordsCon 2012 talk Markov models and password security. The point is to have a picture of a kitten on the same, single slide where you have the “this is the background info you should know in order to understand this talk”. That way the background info slide becomes less boring, as there is a cute kitten to look at.

This fantastic little trick was applauded by Dr. Colin Percival, and was immediately adopted by other speakers at the conference.

Then at #PasswordsCon 2015 at the University of Cambridge the use of a puppy was introduced. I *think* it was Jeffrey Goldberg from 1Password who did that, as puppies can be just as cute as kittens.

And there you have it. 1 slide with talk title and your name, next slide is background info + kitten or puppy, and from there the talk is straight to the hardcore point. 🙂