Please note: There will be 2 instances of PasswordsCon in 2021: A separate track at BSidesLV on July 31 – August 1, as well as a separate track at the Swedish Internet Days on November 22-23. BSidesLV will be 100% virtual, while Stockholm might be hybrid physical & virtual at the same time.

We take preference in practical attack talks for BSidesLV, while for Stockholm we are open for anything. Also we would like to let academic researchers know that we are open for presentations of papers that have already been presented in the academic world, perhaps with updates or more relevant info. Read our CFP text below for more info.

The important info:

Submission deadlines: ASAP (no specific dates set – yet.)

Talk length: 20-25 minutes, pre-recorded or live
Q&A: If you can be with us live, we’ll do Q&A online so talk + Q&A <=30 minutes
How to submit: Send your proposal by mail to cfp AT passwordscon DOT org

What to include in your submission:
Which PasswordsCon would you like to speak at? BSidesLV or Swedish Internet Days?
Full name (+ secret superhero handle, if you have one)
– Title, affiliation (if you want)
– Twitter handle / Linkedin profile link (if you want)
Talk title + short abstract (+ long abstract if you really want to explain your talk in the abstract)

We can assist in recording your talk, editing video & sound etc if needed. All talks will be made available online for free on YouTube and/or other channels, unless something else has been agreed directly with the organizer(s). PasswordsCon is not an end user conference. Speakers can assume that participants has a good knowledge of the topics discussed, so no need to explain what hashing or encryption is.

What are we looking for?

Since the very beginning in 2010, we’ve seen time and again that people are surprised by the width & depth of talks that appears at PasswordsCon. From heavy cryptography to psychology, pattern recognition to linguistics, pin codes to lock patterns, email security to credential stuffing, traditional to behavioral biometrics, SMS 2FA to FIDO2/WebAuthn; we’ve had a very wide variety of talks that are all relevant for PasswordsCon. If it can be related to digital authentication in any way, we want to hear from you.

Got a great idea, but not completely sure how to describe it? Send us a short note, we’ll provide feedback ASAP whether it sounds interesting or not for PasswordsCon.

What do we not want?

We are not interested in marketing pitches, paid keynotes or sales/marketing staff that are not deeply knowledgeable about the contents of their presentation. Whoever wants to talk, please, do not ask or let your PR department submit a talk on your behalf. There are other conferences for that.

For presentations from the academic community, we prefer the person(s) doing the actual work to present it.