Virtual PasswordsCon 2020

PasswordsCon 2020 goes virtual. You know why.

This time it will be online, and like the 2 previous years in connection with the Swedish Internet Days, on November 23-24. Ticket sales are open, SEK 500,- per day. Support a great conference (Woz is keynoting!), & hope to see you live in Stockholm in 2021.

WHAT do we want?
We are looking for talks within anything related to digital authentication. Since our first #PasswordsCon in December 2010, we have seen time and again that people are baffled & surprised when they learn about all the aspects this might cover. Psychology. Cryptography. Pattern recognition. Usability. Graphics design. 2-Factor authentication. Linguistics. Biometrics. Keystroke dynamics & behavioral biometrics. Education & awareness. Standards. Cracking. Hashing. GPU rigs. DIY projects. Password managers. Ethics. TOTP. Rate-limiting. Password spraying attacks.

We have no requirement for original talks, 0-days, or juicy security revelations, as we know very well that a good message needs to be repeated many times if we want to change the world.

What we do not want is product pitches, marketing/sales representatives, brochures or magic unicorns. We discuss problems and possible solutions. The audience is the toughest available anywhere in the world, so whatever brilliant idea you’ve got, we strive to provide highly valuable feedback.

WHO do we want?
Well, anyone really. Presentations, slides and talks, though must be in made in English though, our audience is global. You do not have to work in IT security, or have any related background. Hey, I’d be interested in a talk on grammar complexity & exceptions between the most common languages in the world, as we want to learn more on cracking passphrases.

WHEN do we want it?
NOW. The sooner the better. Maximum talk length will be 30 minutes, plus 5-10 minutes for live Q&A Talks will be 20-25-30 minutes in length, so your introduction should be short, with Q&A in the many breaks for coffee & snacks. We’ll prefer a title & abstract, but if you would like to just pitch an idea for a topic and get feedback about it you can do that too. The kitten/puppy fun “rule” of #PasswordsCon is described here.

WHERE to submit?
Send your talk idea/proposal/slides/paper/submission to [email protected].

WHAT do we need from you?
In addition to a suggested talk title and a short abstract, we need your name, email and phone number. If you have presented at other conferences, at work or at school we’d like to hear about it of course. Don’t worry, there is room for changing the details as long as the overall concept of the talk doesn’t change.

If you can add additional information like Twitter handle, personal blog, your mothers maiden name, name of your first pet and favorite artist we’ll take that too. Oh, and a short bio is always appreciated. People will usually Google you anyway. We also need a profile picture for the program. Face mask optional, but make it funny!

You will also need to record your own talk. We’ll livestream the talks, and do live Q&A after each talk. Check your timezone vs Sweden. 🙂

Please feel free to contact us on Twitter (open DMs to me, @thorsheim), by email ([email protected]) or through other channels where you can find me. There’s only one Per Thorsheim in the world, so I can’t really hide that well online.