PasswordsCon 2018 (Hashtag #PasswordsCon) will be held as a separate track at Internetdagarna (= The Internet Days) in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 19-20. Last year the conference got sold out, so pre-registration is available HERE. All track talks will be in English. Talks will be shorter than before, and I want a focus on usability aspects of anything related to passwords & digital authentication.


Background info for doing PasswordsCon as a track with IIS in Stockholm:
The Internet Days are organized by The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS, an independent organization that is responsible for .se, the internet’s Swedish top-level domain, and promotes the positive development of the internet in Sweden. The conference expects 2700+ participants, all of them people who work with IT & Internet in Sweden at different levels. They come here to listen to 200+ talks spread out across all the tracks available.

I am eternally grateful to @amelsec at IIS for the invitation to do PasswordsCon as a track with them this year.

If your company is interested in participating with a stand you can take a look at their partnership info page (in Swedish), or contact the project leader Niklas Serén. His email can be found at

Wazzup – and the future of PasswordsCon:
LOTS of people have asked me to do PasswordsCon at Svalbard, and I am very interested in doing it. I need a professor and a paper review committee to handle academic proceedings, and I need sponsors to make it happen. If you look at the map & some info about the place, you’ll understand its not the cheapest alternative on planet earth. I’m thinking about mid-end of june 2019, with the midnight sun high up 24/7. It would have to be PasswordsCon – insomnia edition. If it sounds interesting please contact me ASAP: passwordscon at my-last-name dot net

As for Las Vegas and BSidesLV I miss the crew and all the friends & participants there. As you may or may not have seen, I put out a statement after the Trump “muslim ban”, where I said that I wouldn’t return to the US as long as Trump held office. Time will show what happens, but for now I’ll stand by my decision. Luckily my friend Jeremi Gosney & the BSidesLV crew took responsibility, and runs the Ground1234! track in my absence.

On a personal note:
As for me personally I don’t make any money at all on this. Its actually the opposite, but when you are rather obsessed with something you know… 🙂

However it also means I have no budget to cover any travel or accommodation for anyone, so not much point in asking. I might be able to offer some hotel discounts, and I’ll be happy to buy you a beer or two.